20 years of experience!

Professional Creative Designer


It all started in 1995 when, as a teenager, I designed my school’s logo. At that time, I also created my first advertisement. It was an outdoor ad for a music shop. Fascinated with digital editing, I knew that my future was in commercial design. Then came time for work and M.A. studies in fine arts. I graduated with honors while working as a designer, which gave me invaluable practical experience. Such a career path has allowed me self-realization and guarantees continuing learning.




Brand/Corporate Identity

Logotype, logo, or just a sygnet? It’s the brand profile, its character, and marketing strategy that dictate the choice. Most often, creating Visual Identification Register together with job works are the first, very concrete, tangible definitions of a brand.  

Packaging/Product Design

To come up with and design a new product is easy but creating a unique image which perfectly fits the target group requires a lot of experience and expertise. A coherent idea of the product – its name, packaging, and image – makes for true sales success.

Campaigns & POS

An effective advertising should focus attention in a intelligent way. It should surprise and engrave in one’s memory. That’s what an advertising slogan, which corresponds, with graphics, communication and well-designed POS materials are for.  

WEB/APP UX & Visual Design

01 Whether a web page or an application, they should operate quickly and efficiently. Most importantly, they should be designed in an intuitive way. Well thought through layout of strategic elements, light, and colors make for an effective creation.


  • The high quality of service, great flexibility of time and a reliable services have won our recognition. All orders are carried out with great attention to detail, are very creative, and filled with an out-of-the-box perspective.
    Krzysztof Rut
    Corporation Cases Manager
  • So far, our cooperation has shown that he is a reliable, broadly experienced partner with potential. Therefore, we wish to recommend him to all those who are looking for a reliable partner for a long-term and fruitful cooperation.
    Alicja Górka
    Account Manager
  • His work is high quality, completed on time and with competence. If we were to assess our cooperation until now, we can say we are fully satisfied with its effects.
    Krzysztof Pyzik
    Marketing Manager
  • His insight into the needs of the target group is extraordinary. Hence not only do the creations perfectly fulfill their aims but also stand out on the market. In UX design, his experience is invaluable.
    Wojciech Dworak
    President of The Board